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he can say that fatal hemorrhoids, he really is completely shocked stunned. Lin Fan is a faint smile, said I not only kn.ow your ass on the hemorrhoids, I also know that your 17th little wife because you and in a drag racing with other cars killed, then you all right, she But died, because that day you told her what, you put your body s evil are transmitted to her, should have been your death, the result is tired of her, so you will not dare to drive, Right Ah you how do you know everything If the things that hemorrhoids Lin Fan can also do the hands and feet, then the little wife is that thing, Lin Fan absolutely impossible to know, because it is very subtle things, even if the traffic police are also defined as an accidental traffic accident , No one thought it would be his evil sent to the little wife, the little wife for his death, so it VCA6-DCV it exam seems that the old man did not lie to himself, and now encountered this Lin Fan is absolutely high suddenly remembered Lin Fan just said, he suddenly on the heart to tremble, facin.g Lin Fan is splashing down the VMware Certification kneel down, with a tearful said Supreme, I beg you to save me, I do not want to die Ah, I still have dozens of little wife, waiting for VCA6-DCV me to care Whining If you do not want to die early, then you go back to that dozens of small wives ha

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
1V0-601 VMware Certified Associate 6 - Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals VMware VCA6-DCV